The Wicked Awesome

Boston Walking Tour

Section 1

1 Hour 

Start out your tour by having breakfast at The Paramount.  An amazing little restaurant.  Don’t let the lines scare you off, they go fast and the freshly made food will make it all worth it.

Then head over to the Charles river and hang out on the pier.  You will then head down the Esplanade (park along river) and see some of Cambridge across the river.  See if you can spot MIT. 

We then have you walking though Boston’s Back Bay.  This is the neatest alignment of streets in the city. Most of the brownstones were built in the 1800’s as single family homes. 

Section 2

1 Hour 

Then head on up to the Boston Public Library and Copley Square. 

You will then walk down the famous Newbury. Stop for a coffee, grab some lunch or just do some shopping at the hundreds of little shops. 

The last leg of this trip has you going through the Boston Public Gardens.  Walk around the park  and check out the amazing landscaping or go for a ride on the swan boats.  

If you want to stop by Cheers head north through the park to Beacon street, it’s on the corner of Arlington and Beacon St.   We then take you over to Boston own, BOLOCO, the best Burrito and Burrito bowls in town! 

Head though the Boston Commons over to the Granary Burying Ground and check out the graves of John Hancock, Paul Revere and  Sam Adams.  This walk will end off at the Old State House and the site of the Boston Massacre. 

Section 3

1 Hour 

Make sure you go into Faneuil Hall Meeting house.  This is where the rebels met to plan the revolutionary war!  Inside you will see paintings dating back to the 1700’s.  Be sure to and walk through Quincy Market.  See if you will find the best chocolate chip cookies in town! 

We then have you walking along the Boston Harbor where the Tea Party took place (where the rebels dressed as Indians threw British tea into the harbor in protest of taxes) and heading over to the Aquarium.  Make sure you stop by and say hello to the famous seals out front. 

From there you walk over to Bostons North End or Little Italy through Christopher Columbus park (lights up purple at night).  In the North End you will have a chance to see Paul Reveres house and you will get to walk along the famous Hanover Street.  Don’t forget to stop by Mikes Pastry and get some authentic Italian Pastry.   You can also find some of the best dining in the city here, but of course it’s little Italy after all! 

Section 4

1 Hour 

Now head down Hanover street back towards City Hall Plaza. Be sure to check out the old restaurants including The Old Oyster House. They have the best Clam Chowder in town or as the locals say Chowdah.  

We then have you heading up to Beacon Hill. One of the oldest parts of the city.  Make sure you pay close attention to the architecture in this area. Some of the nicest places in the city.   We will have you stopping by the State House (gold dome) amd a few monuments along the way back to the start of your tour.

Have fun!!  

Questions?  email me: or text: 727-777-6206